Free Event: “Save Our Community: Fight Foreclosure!” Movie Premier at Carolina Theater

Contact: Nathan Pius, [email protected]

“Let’s Lose Our House: A Modern Foreclosure Tale”

Film Stars, Robots, Crowds and a Red Carpet

ForcloseBot 2000

ForcloseBot 2000

A free red carpet Premier for the locally-produced social and political action movie is scheduled at the Carolina Theater on Wednesday, March 14. Movie “stars” including the robotic “Robo Signers” will make their arrival via special transportation at 7:00pm. Local housing counselors will be on hand in the theater lobby before and after the screening to offer advice, direction and assistance to attendees fighting foreclosure. Experts on foreclosure procedures will address attendees and educate participants on their legal rights and remedies against fraudulent foreclosure practices.

“Let’s Lose Our House” is a smart and funny look at the often misunderstood roots of the housing crash. This short film follows the “all American family” from buying their first home to seeing it foreclosed on and shows how banks and the large financial industry destroyed people’s lives through fraudulent practices. This film was produced by the Foreclosure Working Group of Occupy Greensboro, North Carolina.

Further details will be released as they become available.

This is shaping up to be a huge civic action event in Greensboro so mark your calendars now.

This event will be held Wednesday, March 14, 2012 7:00P.M. at the Carolina Theater in Greensboro; 310 South Greene St.